Little birdie by Wanda Luthman 

You know the feeling when you bring your new born baby home and you’re both terrified and incredibly happy at the same time? Then, within a day or two, while you’re basking in the sweetness of new life, you start thinking about the future? What will they look like, what will they enjoy doing? And then your thoughts turn a little darker, will they still like me when they’re a teenager? And then, you think about them leaving home. You get sad. You love this bundle of joy so much, you can’t imagine them leaving!And there you are, crying a puddle in your living room, holding your sweet baby, and thinking about the future that hasn’t happened yet. Your child hasn’t suddenly grown up and left you. You have just allowed your thoughts to get ahead of you and are weeping for the loss of what you’ve just been given. Ah, parenthood. I don’t really know if other parents have felt this way, but I did. I’m hoping I’m not the only crazy one. LOL

Anyway, 18 years later, I’m hugging my child good-bye in her dorm room, sobbing my eyes out and wham, I’m full blown thrown into empty nest syndrome. One could have predicted that, I suppose. I’ve heard of this empty nest thing, but I wasn’t sure it was real. Not until it happened to me.

I was bemoaning my existence to my girlfriend who had successfully raised and launched two boys when she reached across the table, took hold of my hand, and said, “You’re a writer, write about it. Maybe something about a little bird leaving the nest.”

Well, I do love birds. I used to have several feeders around my yard. I knew the blue jay that returned every year to my kitchen window feeder for his peanuts. I knew the sweet sparrows that hopped around in my yard looking for bugs. I knew the pale yellow finches that visit in the wintertime and eat up the thistle in their feeder. I embraced her idea.

That’s when the story of Little Birdie Grows Up was hatched. I first wrote out the whole story. It was short so I knew I couldn’t make it into a chapter book. I used to love to write poetry, so I worked on shortening the story and making it into a rhyming poem. I found a lovely artist to create pictures from my words and boom, the picture book was born.

Little Birdie Grows Up is about a cute little blue bird who hatches out of his nest wide-eyed wanting to grow up and learn to fly. You go along on his journey from birth to trying to fly and then, he does it. He realizes his dream. He has worked for this day. It’s an important day for him because he’s reached his goal and for his Mom who looks on proud and yet a touch sad. Her baby bird is flying off to live his own life. It’s a universal story that every parent can relate to, young and old. Every child will love the colorful pictures and rhythmic rhyming verse. It will quickly become a favorite, just don’t dwell on the leaving. Enjoy the journey!

Little Birdie Grows Up is available on Amazon in hardcover, paperback, Ebook and Audiobook (you’ll love this narrator’s voice!). P.S.—it’s not my voice. 

You can keep up with Wanda Luthman on her blog, facebook, or twitter page—links listed below

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