Moon by Khai Pham 

It seems like the nights hollow when it pleases
Wind shifting, space turns to void
Illumination provided by the rising cheese myth
for the sun gives us energy
as the moon gives us intimacy
mellows out the upbeat drums
to a cool hint of ecstasy
Surrounded by uninhabitable land
Yet we venture anyhow
Celestial expansion pulls and push
seaman are clever
Yet they bow to the ruler of their land
Visible by all but understood by few
We simply gaze and awaits
till the waves are ceased by Solari
I wish I had more time to look up
Sit on the bench, in the midst of the night
The ambiance helps one reflects
The cool breeze helps one sighs
The lunar light helps one focus
Yet in all of its beauty, I’m scared of what I might see
Fear that all there’s left, is me