There’s always a Reason


“There’s always a reason behind everything that has happened. It changes us into a better person.”

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We think, we decide, we plan, we discuss and finally, we act! Can we initiate all these steps just like that? I mean without even a single thought? No!

Whatever we do, whatever we like, whatever we leave, whatever we accept, wherever we go, whoever we meet or call… everything, no matter what its range on the meter of importance is. There rests a reason, there exists a meaning. I don’t think anyone can tell about something which they made, said or did is without a reason! Though we say many times that we did just like that or… But it’s not correct. Maybe at that particular movement we were not aware as to how we can explain our reflexive deeds, but calling things that there’s no purpose in them is surely not right.

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This Week 2017 Episode 4 – Graduation and smart homes

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