Flashbang Hot Sauce Taco Bell Taste Test

True Fast Food

Taco Bell’sDiablo Sauce wasadvertised to be an even spicier sauce for your favorite Taco Bell foods! With a nice blend of spices, peppers, and all the right juices,Diablo Saucewas to enhance your Taco Bell experience. Unfortunately, it was only around for a limited time, and the spicy goodness was discontinued at most Taco Bell restaurants. The panic that surged across the world was overwhelming. Taco Bell lovers cried as the packets of sauce were pulled from the shelves. The streets were (metaphorically) filled with the screams of despair from sauce lovers. People scrambled to online stores just to buy packets of Diablo Sauce to satisfy their spicy saucy pleasures. It was official. The world could not function without the sauce.

It was around this time Taco Bell knew…

Diablo Sauceneeded to make a serious comeback.

May 5th, 2016,Diablo Saucewas put back onto the shelves…

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One thought on “Flashbang Hot Sauce Taco Bell Taste Test”

  1. That diablo sauce is most definitely not anywhere near 350 thousand scovil units. That’s absurd. That would be hotter than a habanero pepper. Not even close. I’d guess its more like 3 thousand SHU. Which is about the same as a fairly hot jalapeno.


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