Scared Of, But Craving Oblivion by  Okoto Enigma

I’ve become oblivious toWhat’s happening;

Being unable to handle it,

And having no more strength 

For that.

I craved attention; 

But now I just crave oblivion. 

Knowing you’ve forgotten;

While hoping that someday I

Too can forget.

But I see in the dark that

Which I try to forget; 

And I realise that I’m scared. 

Scared of the unknown. 

That’s why I seek oblivion –

So I can forget, and

Be forgotten. 

I can’t wait for the end.

– Okoto Enigma 

2 thoughts on “Scared Of, But Craving Oblivion by  Okoto Enigma”

  1. Here I am compelled to think of Buddhist conventions of ‘attachment’ and ‘desire’; it is my human component that craves an afterlife wherein I persist in some anthropomorphic manner. When oblivion strikes me as something to be had it is usually borne from a desperation to get away from the foibles of my body and my mind…

    Beautiful work here!

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