The Despair of An Empty Chair

Midnight Missives and Musings

Dedicated to Paul Zollo and his father.   How museful mixed up messages can be!  And to all those celebrating this year’s holidays with a brand new empty chair.

Too many people missing from too many tables-this thought runs around my brain in an endless loop on Thanksgiving Day this year. Whether that empty chair is newly minted or the dust of emptiness is three inches thick, the temperature of grief can still be taken. We careen now towards the first anniversary of a particular empty chair once occupied by our friends’ and neighbors’ boy, AJ, the absolute worst of all the firsts.   I am, though, no closer to knowing the impact and the method of grief being employed by my two sons than I was on the day it occurred. The silence on the subject is steep. But who can say if this wall of silence is good or bad?…

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