17 thoughts on “Big question 13.12.16”

  1. I’ve had good experiences on Amtrak, Metro-North and even the LIRR (Long Island Railroad). As for the NYC Subway system. It sucks. The subways are filthy and dirty and the MTA is always delayed with some kind of train, signal or track problems.

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  2. I love riding on trains! Usually I hate public transportation, but I’ve always loved trains. My great uncle was obsessed with trains so maybe that’s where I got it from. 🙂

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  4. I love train travel and have happy memories of long distance journeys as a child which I am actually writing about at present (will publish soon).
    When I lived in Adelaide, South Australia, I enjoyed the 30 minute train trip to work each day. I had “train friends” that I only met on the train and over a year or more I read so many books.
    A few years ago I travelled through UK and Wales by train and thoroughly enjoyed it – gazing out the window, there is so much to see and notice that would be missed if travelling by car.
    Recently I heard about a fast train that operates between China and Europe – that is a journey I would love to make one day.

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  5. There are pros and cons to each way of traveling. If I had to choose between bus, train, or plane, I would choose train in a heartbeat each time. I do like a good old fashioned road trip most of all, but trains are the best way to travel otherwise. They are much more comfortable than planes or buses, plus you get beautiful scenery for much of the ride and see new things! You can converse with others more as well.

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  6. In the Netherlands they struggle for years now, especially during wintertime to get trains on time, if they get them to ride at all. I like trains, but driving myself by car is still my favorite transportation.

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