Blue Jasmine


Have you ever used a bathroom for the disabled? I have a shit load of times and never felt bad about it. The handicapped stalls have their advantages. They tend to have more space, which is nice when you have to take a mean shit. My claustrophobia also plays a factor. So naturally, I go to the disabled toilet 90% of the time. The odds of a handicap person needing to use that restroom is slim to none, but that’s still doesn’t mean it can’t happen.

The other day I went to the movies. The movie theater was located inside a mall called the Oviedo Marketplace. This shopping center had a luxurious Regal Cinemas. They built a second story just for this movie theater, the rest of the mall took place on the bottom level.

As I took the escalator up to Regal, you know the famous movie theater

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