This Week Episode 4 (Radio Show time, TGIF!!)

If you have missed my radio show, you can listen to it right now

The David and Christina Show

On this weeks show, the future of credit cards, Amazon Go and a story about a couple who bought a wedding ring on a budget.
Plus Post of the week: Muse
New Artist Showcase: AFI, Nadia Ray and The Night Café
Plus Christmas songs from Tabitha Music Limited
Hope you enjoy the show.

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On a Wing and a Prayer

Reflections From the Heart

Challenges, unexpected events, frustrations escalating … ever have them? It’s called life. I’ve titled this vacation “On a wing and a prayer.” And plenty of prayers had gone forth.

Reservations were made three months early. But after my husband sustained a 20-foot fall which resulted in 13 fractured ribs, punctured lungs and a long hospital stay weeks prior to our scheduled flight, we weren’t certain we would even make this trip. And wouldn’t you know it, the day before we were to head out; I had a fender-bender right after leaving the office. I had just crossed over to the opposite lane, when BAM, there she was! After talking to the police and exchanging pertinent information, I proceeded home with the wind knocked out of my sails, not to mention, I threw out my back and barely slept that night.

My encouraging husband–although still in a lot of pain…

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