Fakers bill by Bucket Hat Bill’s Take

How come so many teens these day feel the need to be “fake”? 

A couple of months ago I lost a very good friend of mine, she succumbed to the pressure of being “fake” and just left me. Well she didn’t just leave, she made sure she stayed around long enough to tell me to never talk to her again and that I am not the “type” of person she hangs around with anymore. But I know the “type” of people she hangs around with and it isn’t those mindless sheep.


Over the next few weeks I watched her descend further down into the rabbit hole. I watched on as she faked her interests, faked her friends and faked her smiles.


I could tell she was not happy around these people and like any good friend would do I confronted her about it and offered her support and asked her to come back to her true friends. She then proceeded to have a go at me for trying to look out for her and after her rant she then shuffled back to back to her herd of mindless sheep.


Over the next few months I watched her “smiles” grow larger and larger but her eyes grow sadder and sadder. So, I ask again why do people put them selves through all of this just for a chance to be popular?


I am sure you have all heard your parents, teachers or even your friends tell you that if you just be yourself you will make friends and I am going to tell you that this is not true. You can make ‘friends” by just faking it but they will not care about you but if you be yourself you will make true, real genuine friends that will be there for you no matter what and they will defend you.


A lot of teens go through depression and one of the key factors in contributing to this depression is the awful feeling of isolation. You may appear to have a lot of “friends” but if you are “faking” it and “faking” the connection you have with them it honestly isn’t a friendship, you might as well not even know them. If you just be yourself, you will find people who you connect with and people that will never let you feel alone.


I honestly do not understand people that “fake” and “suppress” who they really are just so they can be popular because it completely pointless. Because what’s the point of being popular when you don’t even like the people you are popular amongst?


At the end of the day there are always going to be people who “fake” who they are and I can’t do anything about that. So I ask you this, are the fake hobbies, fake friends and fake smiles really worth the sacrifice of your happiness just so you can be “popular” amongst people who do not care for you?  

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