7 thoughts on “Big question 1.12.16”

  1. No I don’t ever want to get job because of been bored I rather seek to explore or utilise my passion that is what makes me satisfy within. Is not untill u work for someone that u don’t feel bored, even honestly there are people working for another and they are very bored, unsatisfy in life so, I choose to work on my passion than working for somebody?

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  2. No never – I have never been bored or found time to be bored. When I have not been employed, I have kept myself busy volunteering to help as there are hundreds and hundreds of organisations and people less fortunate than myself. Spending precious time with my family ensures utter contentment so boredom is not part of my life.

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  3. I would rather pour time into my passions, developing skills that lead to a job I love, than get any old job just because I’m bored. That job would feel like mandatory tedium, instead of exciting and fun. So, no. I have never, and would never seek a job out of boredom. I’d seek a job out of passion.

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