Poetry by Ernest Loxley-Ford

Awé, the “I” 

Let this be by-and-by,

These slip-ups of the continual “I”.

Would it help that I would cry,

To voice my repentance to the Most High?


This journey is akin to a roller-coaster,

With ups and downs and twists and turns.

No these fingers shalln’t be burned in a toaster,

Yet for freedom of soul my spirit yearns!


Take a moment; take stock, pause and consider

What makes me tick, what makes me quiver.

Engage in some reprieve to give me relief

The right way, a genuine say that doesn’t deceive.


Think on His grace, so lovely and strong,

Flowing from His heart and His glorious throne.

Ponder His mercy, which removes all from the wrong.

He, our compassionate Father, sings a redemption song!



It is as it is

Who am I to complain?

I do know my name,

the sun’s warmth is as sweet as new rain.

one night passes and I get up again.


I am content. There is no looming portent.

I sing no sad & aching lament.

I am not a source of sour dissent.

in these post-modern days, I am not complacent.


Though I long to enter into friendship

& indeed more with that Bronwen Stander,

it is wise for me to be patient in other companionships

so that my consternation will not push me under.


The days come and they go in the workplace.

progress is made & satisfaction is commonplace.

at the end of the day my boss has a happy face,

and I feel not that I run in some rat-race.


This sums up my routine for now, so go ahead and get yourself some chow!



The dove & the dragon within


Some fresh wind here, some fire there;

It goes around yeah, with plenty to spare.

The wind blows pleasantly across my soul,

It makes me know I’m whole.

Yet when some fire singes my hair,

It is only with caution to put it out I dare.


Both have wings, and both do sing.

Both possess immaculate things.

Yet the dove propagates mercy, truth and love,

While the dragon rolls out bitterness, deception and death from above.


Each time I feed one, it grows and strengthens.

Every time I depend on one form my volition’s

guidance, it is empowered and satisfied.

With the dove, my endurance lengthens.

But with the dragon, another part of my has died.


Trill along, rock then on!

Goodness come, darkness begone!

Oh, gracious dove- purify my heart!

No, you dragon- no place, no part!


From now hence, I put up a fence

To keep myself from running where the

Dragon is flying. And I embrace the

Heart-strings of glory; the dove loves my story.

This means a war from without and a fight from within.


Let me do that good deed.

Yes, like help a poor one in need.

Let me avoid those specific sins,

To not chuck on someone a trash bin.


How is it that from light comes darkness,

And from darkness, light?

I shall depend on the Spirit dove’s might.

Lo, let the dragon devil burn up in the night!



New adventures now


Here comes a new venture

Another avenue to explore

With its own thrills and facets

And with promises of good new lore.


What excitement lies in wait,

What discovery of first rate!

To write some indelible pieces

Exacting creative juice releases.


Blogging, forums, online platforms,

Hebrew and Greek and Aramaic linguistics,

Will serve as my framework and inspiration.

You will see me become wordy and artistic!


And at the end of the day or month

When I need pay and triumph,

I shall trust my Provider for funds

And go on blazing with all my guns!

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