2 thoughts on “Big question 28.11.16”

  1. I was a shepherdess every single year between Pre-K and Sixth grade. I’m surprised I didn’t go into professional sheepherding after that. The first year I was thrilled to have a line, but by the Sixth grade I got the same exact line so it wasn’t delivered with as much enthusiasm (or even emotion…I had nothing left…)

    My favorite memory, though, is of my oldest son being in the Nativity play at school. The first year he was an angel. I couldn’t figure out the wings so he ended up wearing a huge tulle bow. I am no seamstress so his tunic was lopsided (don’t ask…it was not pretty,) and I pretty much concocted the rest of his costume with one hand tied behind my back and my eyes closed. Ok, no…it just LOOKED like that’s what I’d done. The second year he was one of several Josephs…it was moving tableau so they changed the cast from time to time so the kids wouldn’t get too tired. At one point he started wriggling around and mouthing some complaint to me. I couldn’t understand what he was trying to say so Mary turned around, hands on hips, Baby Jesus dangling precariously, and she yelled “HE SAYS HIS HEAD ITCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    Ah…those were the days. 🙂

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