7 thoughts on “Big question 24.11.16”

  1. A few years ago I went into the bank to make a deposit because my account was overdrawn. When I got there I found out the bank charged fees I wasn’t aware of and my deposit wasn’t enough to cover it. A man who was doing his banking at the next teller window jumped in and offered to pay my debt. I was shocked and I told him thank you but no thank you, it’s not a small amount. He asked how much. I was embarrassed to say it came out to be a little over $200. He paid it right there, no questions asked! I never saw this man before, he didn’t know me. I cried and thanked him. I asked how I could contact him to pay him back but he didn’t want the money back. A few days later I bought a card and wrote a note of thanks in it, I asked the bank teller if she could give it to him next time he came in. She said she would and she told me he had done things like that with other people before! Really nice guy!

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