8 thoughts on “Big question 22.11.16”

  1. Good question. I think the media feeds off of drama so they are quick to get nasty because it catches more traction. Over all, we’ve created a media which doesn’t have to be accountable for it’s often dehumanizing behavior. I think that’s where blogging and social media come in, they can sometimes be the vehicle to counter balance all the negativity.

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  2. 100% The media plays a huge role on why there is such a thing as online bullying. They tend to set terrible examples for others to follow, especially for our younger generations.

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  3. I think the main problem is that people no longer seek to be informed. They are more concerned with being entertained, and they feed off the morbid aspects of life. If it’s straight-up information that will lead them to think through issues, they are overwhelmed and think it’s a waste of time, and requires too much effort.

    The line between “celebrity” and “gravitas” is so blurred that people take seriously those they shouldn’t, and don’t take others seriously because they find them boring. There was a time when you got news in the morning, evening and then at night, before bedtime. Now it’s on 24/7 and the media relies on melodrama to keep their ratings up. They also pre-digest information because it galvanizes people into following them by pre-packaging viewer-friendly opinions. People watch, listen to, read what appeals to their pre-existing opinions, and this confirms/denies whatever makes them more comfortable.

    The media didn’t become the media without first observing and dissecting the populace into core groups. They know who they are are “talking to” and the responses they will elicit. If we seem to not be paying attention, they will scare us into doing it. (Please refer to the opening scenes of Bill Murray’s Scrooged.)

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