This Week Episode 1 (brand new radio show!!!)

Here’s another chance to listen to my latest radio show, ‘this week’. Hope you enjoy 😃

The David Snape Show

On this 1st episode, we discuss the NHS email turmoil, the 2016 word of the year and the most common surnames in the UK.
Plus Post of the Week – Count Your Blessings by Daily Warriors
New Artist Showcase: Tibet, Wolffe and Dragonette
Two interviews: Stephanie Rae Pritchard and Cila Warncke.
Hope you enjoy the show

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No fear.


The only thing you should fear, is fear itself. Have you ever noticed that when you fear something so much, you drive it to happen?

If you’re holding on to a pretty vase and you’re being too scared to drop it, you might start to tremble and *flooop, squash* …was such a nice vase.

If you have a public speech to carry out and you’re filling your head with “oh, my god. I’m screwing this up. I’m screwing this up!” You will actually screw it.

Don’t let fear break into your head, because out of experience if you fear to lose something way too much, you’re bound to lose it.

Good energy drives good energy.

Focus on the now. Focus on what this moment carries and enjoy every second of it. Break out of your head and be fearless.

See, Danger is there, but fear is a choice. And hey!…

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