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The David Snape Show

What topics do you want me to talk about on my radio show? It could be anything you like, maybe about a recent news story, about myself and autism or maybe it could be something on your mind. Put your questions down and i will give you a message when I will answer your question on my radio show. Looking forward to answering your questions

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3 thoughts on “Ask David?”

  1. I would love for you to discuss various ways that parents can assist their autistic children. My daughter repeats the daily schedule constantly and I wonder how I can assist her in feeling more certain. Thanks in advance 😊

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      1. Oh no David! I have been so busy with the kiddos that I am just seeing this.😣
        Is there any way that you can give suggestions on repeating the schedule as well as anxiety? I know that the spectrum is vast and one autistic person’s experience is just that, their experience. However, your opinion is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance 😊

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