This Week Episode 1 (brand new radio show!!!)

On this 1st episode, we discuss the NHS email turmoil, the 2016 word of the year and the most common surnames in the UK.
Plus Post of the Week – Count Your Blessings by Daily Warriors
New Artist Showcase: Tibet, Wolffe and Dragonette
Two interviews: Stephanie Rae Pritchard and Cila Warncke.
Hope you enjoy the show

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Life Story: Dealing with Loss

Stay Strong, Daily Warrior!

Note: It’s best to play the song while reading. 🙂

October 2003
4:00 AM

Twelve-year old me woke up to see my father, with bloodshot eyes, clutching his Nokia phone. As it is in our family, we learned to speak without words. I did not like where this was going. I got up as he handed over the phone.

I see a text from a doctor in the Philippines, and then my mother’s name. Then the words “…passed away.” Are you kidding me?! With a confused expression, I looked up at him as he tried so hard to avoid my gaze. Was this real? It can’t be true. No. No, it can’t be!

I squinted my eyes and read it again. And again. And again. No. This isn’t true.

I ran out of our flat apartment in Bahrain towards the stairs to the rooftop. It’s not true! It’s not real!

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