David Snape Show 14.11.16

Before tomorrow’s radio show ‘This Week’ goes online tomorrow, here’s another chance to listen to the latest radio show šŸ˜ƒ

The David and Christina Show

On the show this week, my verdict on the most controversial US Election in living memory, why Amazon drivers donā€™t get paid enough and the Toblerone disaster.
Post of the week: By Brian Lidle
New Artist Showcase: Saint PHNK, Day Wave and Fickle Friends
Interview with Xander and the Peace Pirates talk about the band and their new album 11:11

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Daily Weapons against Negativity

Stay Strong, Daily Warrior!

As daily warriorsĀ of life, we all need our weapons to help us fight off the negative things surrounding us or even within us. By weapons, I mean good habits or actions that kill off the stress and negativity.

In my future posts, Iā€™ll be exploring these good habits like getting enough sleep and exercise, findingĀ a hobby, travelingā€¦Ā but for now here are some of my daily weapons thatĀ I would like to share with you.


If you are going through a lot of stress or overthinking, it could be difficult to focus. HavingĀ racing thoughtsĀ could get overwhelming.Ā Meditation is a good way to relax and just pull yourself together.Ā 

Hereā€™s a sample video that I use to focus:

Count your blessings.

ā€œAll stress begins with one negative thought.ā€ ā€“ Rhonda Byrne

Bliss is a great way to list down things you are grateful for on any given day. When you feel downā€¦

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