Count Your Blessings

Stay Strong, Daily Warrior!

Dear daily warriors,

This post is VERY special.

We will talk about blessings and spread the positivity all around.

According to an article at,“Gratitude can make your life happier and more satisfying. When we feel gratitude, we benefit from the pleasant memory of a positive event in our life. Also, when we express our gratitude to others, we strengthen our relationship with them” (Seligman, 2012).

So for this post, I encourage you to write 3 things that you are grateful for TODAY.

  • You can write it in the comments; OR
  • You can publish a post about it, and use pingback  or link back to this post for us to read.
  • Make sure to include why you are grateful for each thing.

To give you an idea, you can ask yourself some of these questions:

“Is there something in my situation that I can be grateful for?”
“What made…

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3 thoughts on “Count Your Blessings”

  1. I’m grateful to have legs that work. I’m also grateful for the struggles in my life that have taught me so much about knowing my self-worth as well as learning to love. That has been life-changing for me.

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  2. Grateful to be alive today! Had quite the scare yesterday getting taken by taken by ambulance from home to the hospital! Fainted, puked everywhere, and was questioning if I was having a heart attack! Guess I should have read those warning ⚠️ labels more clearly! I didn’t know that could happen from blood pressure medication!

    Grateful to be resilient like my little guy and my husband

    Grateful for my blogger friends and my internet friends and you, David Snape!

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