David Snape Show 14.11.16

On the show this week, my verdict on the most controversial US Election in living memory, why Amazon drivers don’t get paid enough and the Toblerone disaster.
Post of the week: By Brian Lidle
New Artist Showcase: Saint PHNK, Day Wave and Fickle Friends
Interview with Xander and the Peace Pirates talk about the band and their new album 11:11

Election 2016: My Journey


*Ambiguity’s 50th Post*

4 years ago, I sat in a club after school, bewildered at the election system. It was during the Republican Primaries, and I had absolutely no idea what was going on. Who was Santorum? Romney? And what the heck was this delegate-nomination system? It’s not as though I was a child- I was a teen and not knowing how politics worked reflected a level of ignorance that was present in my perception of the world.

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