10 thoughts on “Big Question 10/11/16”

  1. I think that he will get impeached. I don’t think that America will put up with his antics very long. Trump being elected has tarnished, the US, as a world power. How can anyone in the world feel safe? this man who gets upset and starts a twitter war over the silliest comments, is going to have nuclear codes…I know that I personally don’t feel safe any more, I am a minority due to having a severe physical disability, he is going to attack how i manage my pain…and very other minority

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  2. I strongly believe that God will use Trump to begin the process of turning this country around, and bring it back to its first love, and that is Jesus Christ. The Lord heard the cry of His people, and he answered our prayer, by putting Trump in office, via the popular vote and the electorial votes.

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  3. I think it could go either way; I didn’t vote for him. But, he’s been elected, so I try to be optimistic. No matter what, I’d like to see unity and peace. I’d like to think constructively and be the change we wish to see in the world. It starts with ourselves 😊❤️

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  4. I went third party on my vote for the sake of my conscience, but I am striving to be hopeful nonetheless. Surrounded by the right team, good can possibly come of this.

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    1. Hehe me too Marisa! The third parties really had some decent candidates. I wanted to vote my conscience and really stand behind my choice 😊 That’s so cool to see viewpoints from others who have done the same 😊

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  5. This man is a disaster waiting to happen, on an international scale. Even here in Europe, people are completely baffled as to how this happened and panicked about how this will affect international relations.

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  6. Here’s how it works: Trump wins, all the people that voted for him celebrate, and the people that voted Hillary and third parties are afraid for the future of America (quite frankly, I don’t blame them).
    Hillary wins, all the people that voted for her would rejoice in the fact that America isn’t going to get screwed up as bad as it could be, and all the people that voted Trump go crazy and start to riot, and America falls apart, so you see, even though Trump is probably going to mess a lot of stuff up, it’s still slightly better than the alternative of all the Trump supporters going crazy because he didn’t win. (If any Trump supporters are reading this, please note that this isn’t directed at you personally)

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