Guest post by Brian Lidle 

My heart has been hurting for quite some time. It’s not pain that easily subsides. And chances are, you are feeling it too. It is pain that is echoed in the path of our country and the division that is occurring.
This is not a political post. This is a post about us and how we can stop the escalating anger, bitterness, and hate.
The outcry is real, the pain is intolerable, the reality is scary, but we are powerful beings who have the capacity and capability to make great change. Let’s do just that!
I believe, much of our hate centers around the creation of enemies. Enemies where there are none.
We have come to the point in our country where we enemy-fy difference. This enemification happens when we stop listening to each other and we begin to fear differences of thought, belief, and perspective. We abandon the truth that these differences reveal greater solutions, understandings, and strengths.
As Abraham Lincoln said, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” Currently, we are divided. I don’t think that is a surprise to anyone. And as I’ve spoken with friends who have gone oversees or correspond with those who live in foreign countries; the world sees it too.
The hope – we have gone through this before in our history: the Civil War, the civil rights movement, the Goldwater v. Johnson presidential race, etc. and we have Risen stronger together! We have healed the divide before. We can do it again!
Some answers to healing can be found in the question, “How did we get here?”  
Observation tells us:
We label each other with surprising ease and judgement. Forgetting our own imperfections and condemning the imperfections of others based on our own internal narratives. We make assumptions instead of asking questions.

We’ve stopped having real conversations. We listen with annoyance or eye rolling as people express their thoughts that may conflict with ours. Instead of asking questions, finding commonalities, and challenging positions with civility, we wait to pounce and prove them wrong.

In the end, we allow for intolerance to take hold and we have created a new enemy.

So let’s do the opposite!
A part of the solution is straight-forward, yet it requires dedication, strength, consistency, and courage.
We drive out fear and hate with kindness, hope, and love! Think about how we want to be treated and then take it to a higher level of kindness. When we hear words of hate; listen with kindness and answer with love. When someone talks out of fear; listen and then answer with hope.
Unlike math, when a negative multiplied by a negative equals a positive, humans don’t work that way. Responding to negative words and actions with negative words and actions gives us the situation we are faced with. Negatives can only be fought with consistent positives. Fear can only be fought with HOPE. Hate can only be fought with LOVE. And darkness can only be defeated with LIGHT.
Awaken to the possibilities you have to make a difference! It won’t happen overnight or with single interactions, but we have the amazing capability to RISE above the negativity that is playing out amongst us. We have the ability to make peace and make a difference to everyone who is within our ripple of influence.
It is through embracing our difference that we will find strength, but it is through LOVE that we will RISE!
By: Brian Lidle
Facebook: Brian Lidle
Twitter: @brianlidle

16 thoughts on “Guest post by Brian Lidle ”

  1. Great post, I echo what you have said here, we are only interested in our own agenda, we do not take the time any longer to listen or understand why when another has an opinion or belief that is not the same as ours. We are now as you say making issues out of things that are not really there, we jump to conclusions before knowing the reasoning. Thanks for sharing, Well said

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  2. Going though this post just made my day. I am advocating for change in Africa, going through a very challenging environment, passing my messages across. But i have come to suddenly realized that,
    1. Some people don’t think twice before taking an action.
    2. some people are too self centered, all they know and care about is me,
    myself and i

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    1. But i thank God for people like you who is concern about how this world is going from bad to worst and have taken a very significant step to talk about it; with very vivid points on what is right to do, i only hope and pray that God would touch the heart of men with his powers to fear God because he that fears God, would definitely do what is right.
      once again, reading this today has been a blessing, well-done. wish i can get a permission to share this post

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      1. Absolutely you can share this post! Thank you for commenting and for the work you are doing to create change for the better. We are in this together, no matter where we reside.
        Feel free to follow my blog at

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  3. Well said! The downward spiral that has been exasperated by the degradation of respect has come full-circle with the attack of those remotely “different” and the explosiveness of “an eye for an eye”, divisiveness, and the animalistic endeavor to devour instead of revel in our uniqueness. Jesus said it before Abraham Lincoln (see Matthew 12:25 – “Every kingdom divided against itself will be ruined, and every city or household divided against itself will not stand…”) and it has also been said that which we have seen before, that which we see now, and that which we will see in the future is nothing new, as there is nothing new under the sun (Ecclesiastes 1:9 – “What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun.”). However, love IS INDEED the key! We have fallen away from loving our neighbors, and from loving our enemies as ourselves. We love ONLY ourselves, and view all else as threats to our personal happiness and security, when true joy comes from community. And although multiplying two negatives may give you a positive in mathematical notations, adding positives and negatives will only produce a positive if there is enough positive to overcome the negative. Therefore, start small, start simple, start within your own personal field of influence – build up those positive additions to reduce the negatives. Eventually (hopefully!!) the trend will catch on, and others will also build on positives to overtake the negatives, bit by bit, piece by piece, hug by hug, smile by smile, handshake by handshake, kind word by kind word. Remember, this hatred and mistrust didn’t happen over night – mold, rot, degradation, none of it happens in an instant! Nor will restoring our country to its former glory! However, nor will sitting back waiting for OTHERS to do it for YOU; be active in it!

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