Living in a war zone

Navigating Life

Whilst I’m not technically living in a war zone, I am experiencing some of the tension and anxieties associated with one. In the last 3 days I’ve experienced an air raid siren, bunkering down in our laundry (safe room), and watching the news and Twitter constantly for updates. It is certainly a challenge, trying to live life normally and avoid talking about it all in front of the kids, but they are obviously sensing that something is up and have created their own war zone here in our house. Just perfect! I guess it’s difficult for them because while Joel is home, he is constantly on the phone, TV and Twitter getting updates. While this is fair enough, it’s tricky for the kids to understand.

We are all pretty exhausted and highly strung at the moment. The thing that is really grating on my nerves is the kids normal, daily…

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