David Snape Show 24.10.16

If you have missed my latest radio show, there is still time guys 😃

The David Snape Show

On this weeks show, we talk about some great pictures, hear about some brexit scenarios for real and how a man trying to steal something obvious actually got away with it.
Plus post of the week – Interstellar film review by Chuen Yang Chen
New artist showcase: Seeb, Common and Jagwar Ma
Also a double dose of interviews, a catch up with an old friend of ours, Kirsten Orsborn.
Also Sophia Remolde has an interesting proposition on offer and would like you to join, please visit http://lobsterbird.com/calling-all-hermiones-for-a-virtual-pilgrimage/ for more info.

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Masks, A Cover Up

Many Hats of a Lady

maskWhen you hear the word Mask you immediately think of Halloween or a Masquerade Ball or maybe even the sport Fencing. Masks come in all shape and sizes. They can make you beautiful as a Princess or horrid as a monster. They are used to cover, hide, and protect. When you wear a mask you get to be someone else. The mask covers who you are. For instance, a masquerade ball was a place where the wealthy came for a social event and they wore masks. It was an exciting time to be mysterious and intriguing, dashing or daring without anyone knowing who they were. Women could be flirtatious; men could be bold, the night held a place of secrecy.

There is another mask that a lot of us wear unware called an invisible mask. A mask that hides and protects, not letting anyone see the real us. Sometimes, we…

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