David Snape Show 24.10.16

On this weeks show, we talk about some great pictures, hear about some brexit scenarios for real and how a man trying to steal something obvious actually got away with it.
Plus post of the week – Interstellar film review by Chuen Yang Chen
New artist showcase: Seeb, Common and Jagwar Ma
Also a double dose of interviews, a catch up with an old friend of ours, Kirsten Orsborn.
Also Sophia Remolde has an interesting proposition on offer and would like you to join, please visit http://lobsterbird.com/calling-all-hermiones-for-a-virtual-pilgrimage/ for more info.

Larry Loners – Using Dating Resources for Finding New Friends

Rinse Before Use


The world can be a lonely place, and not only when it comes to finding love. Times have changed and we are less limited by factors such as geography, race and social class when it comes to the friendships we form. However, despite all the new opportunities afforded to us by technological advances and political progress people seem to be lonelier than ever before. It may be a simple case of quantity over quality – it’s easier now to have a wider social circle (lots of coffee friends) but the nature of these relationships is somewhat superficial. Possibly symptomatic of the Tinder generation, people are now more fickle when it comes to all sorts of human relationships. Essentially everyone is replaceable so discarding/downgrading friends is becoming more common and people seem to be more willing to cut their losses and move on quickly instead of sticking something out a…

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