Independence Day: Resurgence

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I just watched this movie a few days ago, and before I go into the review, I must say that this movie is better watched on a HUGE screen.

Here comes Independence Day: Resurgence, the sequel to 1996’s Independence Day, one of the best, if not the best, alien movies. Ever. In ID2, the original cast members are back, except “The Fresh Prince of Scientology”. (Will Smith wanted $50 million by at that point in time 20th Century Fox decided he wasn’t worth that amount). In Resurgence, two decades after the first alien attack, the world suddenly rebuilt itself into utopia. I repeat, in JUST 20 years. World Peace is somehow achieved and now every country on the planet forms together as one, to fight creatures from other planets. Not to mention you can get from Earth to the Moon in about 30 minutes. Liam Hemsworth AKA “No, I’m not Thor, that’s…

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