David Snape Show 17.10.16

If you have missed my latest radio show, you still got time guys 😃

The David Snape Show

On this special edition of the show, i give you a radio tour of my new house, look at your first house move memories and discuss why Marmite are disappearing of the selves. Plus Post of the Week: A voice cries out in silence by Mary Ann Perez
The Best songs from past shows plus 3 of the best from the New Artist Showcase: Lauren Housley, Alessia Cara and Raintown.
To top it all off, an interview with Brad Mendenhall from the Cosmic geppetto Podcast.

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The New Alchemy


My favorite film for many years was Jurassic Park. I spent untold hours watching that movie, a child enthralled by the magical collision of biotech and paleontology, and a young adult captivated by the possibilities. In spite my dedication to that tale, there was a certain line uttered by one of the main characters that I overlooked, a line that now rings within my heart like few others from that Spielbergian masterpiece.

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