Claiming Your Creative Gifts & Magical Abilities

Vandana Light Healing


If you’ve been feeling blocked, powerless to change your life, or out of control, then please read on. You see, you have untapped gifts, abilities, and skills that are just waiting to be expressed and shared with people who need you on this planet, but how can you share your powerful gifts if you feel frustrated, challenged, and defeated?

It’s so much easier than we’ve been told:)

Before I continue, I’m going to clear out of your field any expectations you have about what power means, what it doesn’t mean, what happened when you had it, how you used or misused it and how you can take your powers back from all of your timelines, lifetimes, and multidimensional realms.

“Everywhere in your bodies, chakras, cells and DNA that make you want to run and hide from your powers…unlock it, cancel it, and uncreate it now”…feel these old, outdated, and stagnant…

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