David Snape Show 17.10.16

On this special edition of the show, i give you a radio tour of my new house, look at your first house move memories and discuss why Marmite are disappearing of the selves. Plus Post of the Week: A voice cries out in silence by Mary Ann Perez
The Best songs from past shows plus 3 of the best from the New Artist Showcase: Lauren Housley, Alessia Cara and Raintown.
To top it all off, an interview with Brad Mendenhall from the Cosmic geppetto Podcast.

Would You Rather…

Observations of A Stranger

I was recently have a conversation with a few of my friends, which prompted me to think it would make for an interesting discussion. We were playing a game of ‘Would You Rather…’ and ended up having an hour-long discussion about one of the topics. The topic was ‘Would you rather eliminate hunger or eliminate hate?’. Our little group of four was divided 50-50 in what they would eliminate, I was on the eliminating hunger team. I thought the discussion we had while arguing our cases was quite intriguing, and it made me think what the others would choose in this scenario.

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines hate as, “intense hostility and aversion usually deriving from fear, anger, or sense of injury” and thereupon lies my argument as to why I would rather eliminate hunger rather than hate. I feel that hate is a rather important and necessary part of our…

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