Breeze on seashore

Sasha Writings

Like a cool evening breeze you touched my soul,
You were the happiness and you were the goal,
I walked on the sand of the sea shore called love,
It felt like a sky and the we were the dove’s,
Like the water that touches one’s feet in a seas shore,
You drifted away,never to be reached.

Being deceived ,i ignored your transience,by not knowing that I’ll find you only in remembrance.
And then,like a iridescent pearl you became my light,
While you found another shore out of my sight.
Blinded my your luminance,I let you swim across my shore,
Untill you became a spot,that i couldn’t see you anymore.
And then finally,
Like a ship that comes to the rescue,
You stick it with glue,
I don’t know that i was losing you,
Untill i knew it was who,
The breeze stopped and then the water dried!


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