the spectacular now – a short story


The man paused on top of the building. The pre-dawn light was both spooky and golden. He looked left over the rooftops spread out below him towards the now-deserted parkland filled with children’s laughter and rusting playground equipment. He paused to think about the people inside the houses, who would soon be waking up and getting ready for their day.

He thought about George, who had smoked so much dope at school and varsity that nobody thought he’d amount to anything. And yet he was now the owner of a multi-million company that influenced young minds on a daily basis. And then there was Jennifer, who would get so nervous during exam time she’d pull at her eyebrows until there wasn’t a single hair left. Because of that and all her other nervous tics , most people who knew her back then figured she’d become a mousey data capturer or…

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