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What topics do you want me to talk about on my radio show? It could be anything you like, maybe about a recent news story, about myself and autism or maybe it could be something on your mind. Put your questions down and i will give you a message when I will answer your question on my radio show. Looking forward to answering your questions

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She&He 💑

Sasha Writings

When the blue sky turns black in colour,
When the clouds shed water to the earth as a message from the sky,
When the sun seems to be no where in the sky,
When the cool breeze touchesher face ,who is sleeping peacefully on bed,
When the thunders and storms are playing their role,
It started raining, the inner child of her drowned in joy and jumped from the bed to see the droplets of rain through the glass window,

Photo credit:sasha

Just thenshe felt warm hands wrapping her from back ,Shefelt tingling sensation from the spine by the first touch of the day and turned the other side to see her beloved manwho is standing with the deep black eyes and a wide smile on his lips which are half covered with the well grown beard,

On seeing him,she smiled and he

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