David Snape Show 10.10.16

On this weeks show, I give you a story as the old turns into the new, how a bank card changes its security code every hour and why is someone stroking Andy Murray’s arm.
Plus post of the week – To each his own by the dreamy girl writes
New Artist Showcase: Isaac Gracie, Charlotte OC and Chinah
Double dose of interviews: Ann Harrison and Felicia, both are a must hear

This Is What Rain Does To Me.


As I begin to write this blog it’s 7.45pm on a Monday evening in September, 2016.  Winter has passed and we’re now enjoying springtime weather, which brings sunny days with bouts of rain. Today was sunny and warm but tonight it’s raining.  I’m writing about the rain because of the particularly automatic feelings that the sound of rain brings up inside me.

I love the sound of rain as it hits my tin roof, like a white noise that manages to lull me into a dream like state; it’s a soundclip from my childhood. However, if you were to add somebody rushing about the house sounding anxious, the sound of the beautiful rain would evoke a fearful panic from deep within my psyche.

In the happy summertimes of my childhood all the kids in my street loved a warm shower of rain because it created a mist as it evaporated off the…

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