4 thoughts on “Big Question 6.10.16”

  1. For me technology as a whole is an issue. It has it’s benefits, of course. Technology has given us a great ability to help people, but when balanced against what it has taken away, I must question whether it is truly worth it. The cellphone is an example of why I have an issue with technology. As a tool for communication it’s quite handy, but let’s look at what a cellphone takes from us.
    Cell phones takes our privacy. The argument could be made that if you want to be left alone, shut it off. Really, be honest now, how many people shut their phones off? Most people can’t go to bed or to the wash room without taking it along! Even shut off, the locator chip is still inside every phone and can be turned on by the cell carrier. This fact open up an entirely different conversation. So I’ll move on.
    The cellphone, like other types of technology is gradually making us dependent on it. Our phones store all our information. You can’t manage to remember an important date, like your anniversary, a birthday, or a doctors appointment. Your phone will do that for you!
    Since we are in the neighborhood of being dumbed, let’s go there and look at reading and writing. Are you aware that large number of kids graduate high school not knowing how to read or write effectively! Why bother needing to read when our phones will do that for us. What do we need books for? Then there is written communication. Who needs to know how to put a fully formed, correctly spelled and punctuated sentence together, whn u cn sa ths?
    The Cell phone like other types of technology isolate us, even from our own families. How often have you needed to speak to someone in your home, and instead of getting up and walking across the room or the house, you pick up your phone and call or text them?!
    If I didn’t need a computer and my cell to help run my business I wouldn’t have them. I haven’t watched the television in years, I don’t own one. I would rather light a candle than turn on a light. Perhaps it’s just me that objects to the intrusion, or maybe not!

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  2. I think the old flip phones or the ones even older than that have been a big help. You know, back when all you could do was make a phone call or text a friend to figure out where you two were meeting.
    Now days, I think they are way more harmful. Friends get together to stare at their smart phones (my friends and I are guilty of this). We try to spend most of our time playing board games or going out in town so we aren’t tempted to spend our time on our phones. Teens I think are paying way too much attention to their phones than they are the world going on around them.
    I personally don’t think they have made my life worse but I also know how to limit myself on anything electronic.

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  3. I definitely see the upside of them. However, I don’t need a mobile phone that gets all sorts of internet things, apps and makes cups of tea. Okay that last one was a joke. All I need is to make and receive phone calls and texts.

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