Sleep and the impact on mental health


It’s often in the quiet hours of the morning that I am much more aware. Such as this moment. It’s 2:27 that I am writing this first paragraph, but alongside this activity, I am listening to the sounds of the house. In rooms, I hear the snoring. I hear the sounds from the staircase as the wooden stairs groan – disuse? The cold that has filled the house? I’m not sure. From outside, there are sounds of the odd driver as they venture out to do what is needed of them.

While the bite of the chill gets me, and the sounds of the stairs bothers me, I’m more aware of it all. Life. The breaths of those in my home, alive and resting from their busy day.

Sleeplessness is not uncommon, you hear of many people who do not get enough sleep. It might be a family member, or…

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