Depression:the rollercoaster

Theres a Method to this Madness

Lifes good. I have a happy family. Man who loves me. Healthy kids. And a roof over my head.

I repeat these things to myself because i have too.

Even when things are the best… they never are.

Thats what depression wants me to think.

There is constant thought of dark and umgloomy.

When it hits me i just feel yuck.

I cant stand talking.

I cant stand anyone around me.

I cant stand being awake.

But i cant sleep.

Its awful and i wouldnt wish it on my worst enemy. Its hard to be perfectly happy then get swept off your feet.

For the longest time i thought i was alone in this. I thought only “emo ” people had that.

I thought there was something wrong with me…

I didnt know people right next to me had it.

There’s alot more to my story that im just starting…

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