Doggie Run 2016 by Pet Express

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This is a yearly event held by Pet Express for the dog owners to spend quality time with their dogs. Me and my dogs have been joining this event for the past 3 years. And we really enjoyed it. Let me share to you some of our shots for this year’s run.

We have 2 shih tzus – Lexi (female) and Xander (male). They’re siblings and 10 months old by the time we registered them for the run. By the way, Pet Express requires you to bring your pet’s updated medical records so you can register them.

Okay. So we registered for the 1.5 km run and since fun runs starts early morning, we made sure we are already in the area at around 5:30 am. There are lots of activities happening before and during the event, there is also a raffle draw at the stage so you have to…

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