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If you have missed my latest show, there is still time folks 😃

The David and Christina Show

On the show, we talk about the result of my two week meal challenge, go in depth with the new iphone and why Freddie Mercury is now officially an asteroid.
Post of the week: Finding Love: How to handle first dates by The life of Sue
New Artist Showcase: Courteeners, How to dress well and Klara
An interview with David Perrodin, a school safety expert who talks about the risks involved and how he is spreading the message around.

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People I Want to be

Wither Or Thrive

I got the idea for this post from Rosie at Hookup Culture, a blogger that I really enjoy reading and following.  She recently posted a list of places that she would like to visit. A sort of bucket list on places she wants to raise her flag on.  I loved the idea of striving to be somewhere in the not so distant future and marking that off of a list.

I then thought to myself, “Your about to be a dad.  Your wife is 4 months pregnant and instead of traveling so much you will be at home, with the kiddo, teaching what it is to be a good person.”  That question got me to scratching my head on who I was and what traits I could check off of a list.  So I thought I would write a list of the traits that I hope to possess one…

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