Digital Slavery…the disadvantage of the advantage of Technology.


Updates, push notifications, “newer, better and faster” versions, new filters; these and many more are things which didn’t exist not too long ago but have become commonplace in today’s world.

This article mentally started in 2014, on this particular day I was a few minutes late to the lecture of a very strict professor, I’m talking about the “5 minutes late, you miss my class, miss my pop test, loose marks” kind of strict. On getting to the door of the lecture hall, it was eerily silent and I’d already began all my permutations and combinations as to how my result will look after loosing the 5 marks on the pop test.

c7pckqloqz8ws How I quickly calculated the effect those lost marks may have on my GPA.

I peeped 👀 👀 👀 into the class and saw no one standing at the board “he must be seated on the chair” I said…

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