David Snape Radio Show 12/9/16 – Listen right now

On the show, we talk about the result of my two week meal challenge, go in depth with the new iphone and why Freddie Mercury is now officially an asteroid.
Post of the week: Finding Love: How to handle first dates by The life of Sue
New Artist Showcase: Courteeners, How to dress well and Klara
An interview with David Perrodin, a school safety expert who talks about the risks involved and how he is spreading the message around.

3 thoughts on “David Snape Radio Show 12/9/16 – Listen right now”

  1. Thanks for having me as a guest on The David Snape Show. “The Reflex” post-interview closer was a bonus. David, as you mentioned, school safety is a boundless topic and we tagged a few essential elements. A key statistic I didn’t mention was that most school shootings conclude within approximately 8 minutes – so get yourself away from the shooter or secure yourself out of sight behind a locked door and anticipate a quick, efficient response from law enforcement to end the threat. More school safety information is available on my website and also the BLOG section of my website that is found under the RESOURCES tab. I would be glad to respond to any questions or thoughts from your listeners. People have incredible suggestions to make the world safer for all of us. Best to you for continued success with The David Snape Show. Twitter: SafetyPhD

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