Do you want to have an interview or play the pyramid on my radio show?

The David and Christina Show

Do you want a chance to have your voice heard and be interviewed on the radio? Maybe you got a book or film coming out? Maybe you ant yo promote your band/music/shop etc.. Or maybe you want to talk about your specialist subject? Not only that, but for people who want an interview, can also take part in the quick fire Quiz – The Pyramid and get there name on the scoresheet. What you do is :Email me to register your interestGive details on who you are and what you want to talk aboutProvide a phone number so that we can contact you, via Skype is recommendedThen we will discuss details and find a time and date so that we can make this happenI shall look forward to your response

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Hey there! 😎 .

We’ll start with a question today, “Do you think?” I know you said yes, as humans (sane humans albeit) we’re bound to think. The word think is defined thus: to form or have a particular thought in your mind.

These days however, so many things struggle to be in our thoughts and this  information overload makes us to forget a thought before we’re even done thinking in some most cases. How many times have you started a thought flow only to be interrupted by another thought flow which is interrupting the thought flow that led to the first thought flow….a thought within a thought within a thought, an “inception” of thoughts maybe?

kokeshi Thought 1 becomes 2 which becomes 3 and so on (forgive my crude photoshop skills)

I found out that this was becoming a huge issue for me and I decided to start taking notes…

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