Eternally Elite...

Oh! This pain is so deep.

And the valley of death so steep.

Know not what to do?

Either embrace or escape through?

Slowly ever so slowly,

Crawled under my skin so creepily,

Loaded my heart with sorrow,

Constricted my chest, leaving a hollow.

So search I did for the reason of such anguish, for a while,

Alas! It was in vain, futile.

And so here I am on the precipice,

A step away from the bed of spikes.

When came the distant cry,

Birds chirping and whistles blowing by,

It was a dream, one too surreal,

Yet the pain so alive, so real.

Had I not awoken sudden and in wonder,

The clutches of doom would have captivated me

for sure, far and yonder.

By – Parul Joshi

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