David Snape Show 5.9.16 – Listen whenever and wherever you want

On the show this week, we talk about how a study is showing young girls being more unhappy. Go through the new YouTube modernization rules and England’s recording breaking One Day international success.
Plus post of the week: 8 life lessons from traveling by Lucid Lucas
New Artist Showcase: Skinny Living, Hazel English and Vancouver Sleep Clinic
No interviews sadly but a 5 song showdown at the end all about 90’s classics.


Deep Breaths by Arran Dust

Speak less

Deep breaths


A mundane late summer morning was rolling in

Off the silent horizon as dawn stole the day

The sun had not shown, not quite yet

And thus a translucent veil had been cast

Like a hazy mirage

Upon the scenery as light gathered and

The phoenix bought on the dawn


Speak less

Had become a sort of coping mechanism

Well, as of late it had,

Tension boiled molten hot

Constantly threatening to overspill the pot

Words were thrown in hopeless salvage attempts

So many sunk like hooks, deep into skin

As they got under each others with single moves


Deep breaths

She let the morning stillness cleanse her

Disquieted sleep deprived mind

But the light, or the air perhaps, was weary too

As though it, like her, had lay for hours

Turning over restlessly, tossing in darkness

And had not but for a moment caught a glimmer of sleep


She stared blankly at the landscape

Thinking it probably meant something

But haven’t the first clue what

So she rose from her perch

Felt blades, sharp dew-topped needles

Beneath her shivering skin

And she glided like a mist-bound phantom

Down the rolling green in the predawn shroud


She found herself at the edge of a great dark mass

The one which, months ago, had fishes that she fed

And gazed at for hours as they made  their lazy, mesmeric motions

Shadows had crept up her face

Standing with her back to the light

And they told of some beauty yes

But of a fractured and conflicted mind as well

As she peered into her own reflection

On the black mirror beneath her


No wind

Nothing to give her the last little nudge

No noise

No sounds to beckon her down into the darkness

Just her and the pool

A toppling, loss of balance

And a splash now

Her impact broke the silence though she didn’t notice

Drifting in her watery world of stars

Peering through the dim surface


Her and and the murky twilight danced

A sort of impromptu routine

Like one she half remembered from a family gathering

Or something like that

On it went

Her vision started to cloud at the edges

And her mind began screaming

But her heart, or should I say her heartache,

Was having none it if

As she waltzed off….


Sodden and panting

She awoke on the grass

He was frantically over her

She was practically sobbing

As the callous dawn rose up over them both

She would go on to tell him desperately

That this wasn’t the first time

That she’d done this before

She was, and had always been, alright

For him alright wasn’t good enough

All he said to her as she lay there

Speak less

Deep breaths