Want to be a guest writer? 

You can come and do a guest blog anytime you want. This is the website that can reach to the world and we have had loads of successful stories already. They will be the most popular stories of this site.If you want to publish your work, email me at davidsnape2@gmail.com and I will look forward to reading them. They can be original post, new or ones you have done before. If you are lucky, your post will be mentioned on my radio show as post of the week.You can write about whatever you want could be a poem, story, opinions etc…. There is no word limit as well just send in your stories and I shall look forward to reading them and putting them on my blog 😃

12 thoughts on “Want to be a guest writer? ”

  1. Take any post on my blog for writing if you like.

    For the radio show I would talk about what it is like to deal with autism creatively and be a real person and not just a diagnosis. About how thete are new advances in the understanding and how I am finally getting the specialized help I am thriving now. About how autistics are often abused and how I would like to address this. How autistic girls as teenagers could benefit from someone showing them how to get dressed up and put on makeup to look attractive but not slurty. I was taken advantage of by different people at different tines and did not even realize it until recently when I attracted a stalker who I still am dealing sith trying to get arrested. Now I finally have a goid support network of people who really have my best interests in mind. About how disgusted I am at how many people are identifiying as autistic-it’s getting overused and capitalized on as a money maker. As in products for autism – overpriced and un necessary; I fashion my own tools or buy cheap facsimiles at a toy store.

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    1. Sounds like a great idea, I would love to have you for an interview.

      What we do in our interviews is we use Skype, if you haven’t got an account then any telephone number will do. I’m a postman by day so I would usually do the interviews at around 6pm GMT the earliest. If your from outside the UK, we can work out the time difference.

      What day would be best for you to do the interview?


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