Artificial Intelligence : Rise of the Machines


Whenever we hear the word ‘Artificial Intelligence’, what comes to our mind at first? Google Voice Search? Siri? Cortana? (Or nothing?) But a complete notion of artificial intelligence is way beyond these automated voice assistants introduced by Google, Apple or Microsoft. Trust me, if you carry on reading this article, you’ll get really intrigued about this Artificial Intelligence and you’ll probably thank me later!

Artificial Intelligence is expected to carry us into a dream future, to say the least. The huge prospect of Artificial Intelligence cannot be put into words this easily. Nor can the total concept of Artificial Intelligence be expressed clearly to everyone. It won’t be even a little bit exaggerated if I say artificial intelligence is the future of mankind.

What is Artificial Intelligence:

Well, what is AI (Yeah, it’s much shorter)??? AI is a field of computer science which discusses about the machines working as human…

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