The Mexican Patrons of Migrants


Every day hundreds of Central Americans men, women and children travel through Mexico en route to the United States. Driven by dire economic conditions and tremendous violence at home, they leave Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala out of necessity.

In search of a better life, they ride atop freight trains nicknamed “La Bestia” (“The Beast”). Also called “El Tren de la Muerte” (“The Death Train”), the trains run along multiple lines, crossing Mexico from South to North over 3,000 kilometres.

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Migrants hopping aboard the moving cargo trains face many dangers along the way. From amputation or death if they fall or are pushed from the train, to kidnapping, rape and extortion at the hands of the gangs and organised crime groups that control the routes.

La Patrona MexicoBut in the Mexican state of Veracruz, a small group of women have dedicated themselves to feed the migrants as…

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