5 thoughts on “Big question 1.9.16”

  1. I think a big part of the problem is social media. As girls grow up, there are so many societal pressures that are put on them – Appearance, personality, etc. Add in social media, and those pressures are easily multiplied. It’s very sad.

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  2. I believe it requires an entire cultural shift. With the still inequality that faces girls, the entertainment world bombardment that states girls have to look a certain way, increased bullying, the rape culture and the competition that pits girls against each other, just simply surviving becomes a feat.

    I believe we need to restore safety, honoring and respect toward women, end inequality in all ways, promote the acceptance of all sizes and shapes, add curriculum that promotes self esteem and self worth, and increase opportunities for girls to reach their hughesT potential.

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  3. Take away their phones so they can’t spend all their time on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, being made to feel inferior, criticised and insecure, and then take away the phones from the boys who are critical of girls and consume or share unrealistic expectations of what real girls should be like. That would go a long way I think?

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  4. the beach, my family, friends, the chooks, riding my bike, swimming, writing letters to my pen pals, reading books, going to the library, playing netball and tennis – memories of my happy childhood. I knew love, felt safe, did not need to compare, respected my elders and did not know what racism was. My parents were poor, but I did not understand that till I was an adult because I was happy and did not feel anything missing in my life. My childhood was so busy having fun I did not know about misery. Each day was fun and active and I ate and slept really well.

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