David Snape Show 29.8.16

On this weeks show, we talk about US politics in general and the latest on the election. The battle between Jeremy Corbyn and Virgin Trains and a bizarre parking story.
Also post of the week – too young to write by Sarah Westmoreland
New artist showcase: Richard Walters, Tom Grennan and The Tallest Man on Earth
No interviews but a great selection of songs on motorsport at the end of the show.

Butterfly Waltz by Ben Squire

The butterfly’s dance on the beach was fancy
If not blustered by torrid gust,
Thought that if we had jars we could keep you,
Preserved from scarring beak, or rapid crook,
But in a jar, a single pair of graceful wings
Would see vapid phantasms glare and strangle,
I catch a second mothling, for that fetid chasm
And though twin butterflies can waltz quite finely,
They only prove to drown in half the time,
And now we know that life is never brought to creatures caught,
We must prise this lid and let our preserves rise beyond each other
And face the breeze, tempestuous maybe,
Though collective immortality seems ever out of reach,
We could still meet, sporadically, like butterflies on a beach.