The Martian

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Once again, Hollywood has deemed it necessary to go off and rescue Matt Damon. And once again, it is astoundingly amazing. The Martian is about an astronaut stranded on Mars after his comrades think he’s dead – and the incredible story of the adventure they went through to rescue him. Much of the film is Damon talking to himself (recording log entries) as he strives to turn a food supply designed for a month’s exploration into over a year’s worth of food and water.  Whereas the movie Castaway gets too caught up in the mundane at times, The Martian is quickly paced with suspense at every turn. Everything that can go wrong to Damon does, and you won’t really know if Damon will make it until the very end of this fascinating motion picture. In my personal opinion, the writing of this film is great, and the main characters are simple yet complex. This is the rare science…

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